"low-hanging fruit"

If your marketing strategy relies solely on

word-of-mouth and social media, 

you're just picking up what's fallen on the ground.

There's only so much fruit you can reach without help or the right tools


and what's on the ground has already been picked over,

while the freshest fruit is just beyond your reach.

Enough with the metaphor.

Did you know there are 

26 ways 

to advertise your pet business?

How many are you using now?


The reality is that dog trainers, petsitters, dog walkers and groomers shouldn’t use the same template marketing strategy as every other business out there. Our work is unique, our clients are unique, and our challenges are unique.

Shouldn’t your marketing strategy be unique too?

That’s why we’ve thrown out the one-size-fits-all plans.  We’ve found that the right combination of traditional marketing and creative digital marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach pet owners that need your services.  You CAN grow your business on a $20 investment if you’re willing to put in the work – and if you work with animals for a living, we know you’re willing to put in hard work!

Browse our DIY tips, tools, and guides below to get inspired.



Consider joining our 6-step pet business mentorship program for weekly brainstorming, challenges, and encouragement that is personal to your brand, your personality and your lifestyle needs.

Workbooks, E-books & Tools

to market your services

more effectively

Co-written by marketing experts & professionals in the pet industry - 
in terms you can actually understand!

Your Homework Starts  NOW:

Bet you weren't expecting homework, were you?

Look, we both know you're trolling around for free tips to boost your business.

11 years ago, I was doing the same. 

(It only took me about 5 years of flailing before I finally spent a few bucks to see what a pro could tell me that free Youtube videos couldn't - I suggest you learn from my mistake and get to your end goals a hell of a lot faster than I did, but you do you.)

Why not get a taste right away of the style of mentorship you could get from *SPARK* ?


Jot down all the things you do now to advertise your services:

If you hit SUBMIT when you're done, we'll reward your effort. 

We'll look it over, and then we'll send you a free *spark* - one additional advertising strategy that you're not already using from our list of proven, clever strategies specific to your type of services. 


34 Pages - Read It Online or Download it, Print it, and Reference it Whenever

We’ve collected info from dog trainers, pet groomers, canine massage therapists, dog-walkers and pet-sitters and combined it with advice from business experts to create this guide to creative marketing & cross promotions by networking with other professionals in the pet industry.

What's inside:

Pet Partnership Pitch Packet  -  $7.75


Introduction to Marketing  & A List of Marketing Options

Cross Promotions As A Lead Generator

7 Business Hacks for an Effective Cross Promotion 

Examples of Real Cross Promotions that Work 

What’s Your Endgame? Craft a Perfect Promotion

Proven Strategies for Breaking the Ice

Step-by-Step Relationship Building Tactics

Scripts  That Don’t Feel Pushy


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"This is fantastic - thank you for spelling it all out for me!"

-Heather, Ridgeway Training Academy 


"What great ideas and so much information in this ."