Get on top of your business goal planning with the official Ladyboss Nation weekly planner pad.  In The Ladyboss Nation group business coaching and networking club, we recommend all ladybosses focus on one business goal each week, breaking your goal down into a series of actionable steps you can accomplish each day of the week. Use our official planner to follow your goal-setting strategy, plugging in time to work ON your business around your regular time needed to work IN your business. With a special place for jotting down ideas and distracting thoughts, you'll be able to stay task-oriented and goal-focused all week!


  • 8.5" x 11" pages
  • 50 pages for a full year of attacking your business goals
  • Notepad design keeps tasks visible all day long - serves double duty as a great mousepad!
  • Tear-off sheets that give you that oh-so-satisfying moment of ripping out the page at the end of the week and starting fresh for the next

Ladyboss Weekly Planner Pad




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