For a limited time, we're giving you two free downloads when you purchase the Pet Partnership Pitch Packet!  For the price of the Packet ($7.75, you'll also receive the Business Startup Checklist & our Pet Business Flyer Marketing Campaign Checklist)   *Offer ends June 7!*



  1. The Business Startup Checklist
  2. The Pet Partnership Pitch Packet
  3. The Pet Business Flyer Campaign Checklist


1. The Business Startup Checklist

All the steps you need to take to legally open a business in the US!

We’ve collected info from government sites and experts and compiled it all into this one, handy-dandy location – wrapped up in sparkly frames and sarcasm. 


Includes everything from legal requirements to financing suggestions, plus the fun stuff like designing your brand and opening a store. With info about State & Federal Government requirements, plus links to find specifics for your state & industry. And, it covers all the basics, whether your business will be solely web-based or you want a brick-and-mortar shop, too.


2. The Pet Partnership Pitch Packet

We’ve collected info from dog trainers, pet groomers, canine massage therapists, dog-walkers and pet-sitters and combined it with advice from business experts to create this guide to creative marketing & cross promotions by networking with other professionals in the pet industry.


What's Inside:


  • Introduction to Marketing  & A List of Marketing Options
  • Cross Promotions As A Lead Generator
  • 7 Business Hacks for an Effective Cross Promotion 
  • Examples of Real Cross Promotions that Work 
  • What’s Your Endgame? Craft a Perfect Promotion
  • Proven Strategies for Breaking the Ice
  • Step-by-Step Relationship Building Tactics
  • Scripts  That Don’t Feel Pushy


3. The Flyer Campaign Checklist

Hanging flyers for your services might be one of the most cumbersome, nuisance parts of owning a pet business. But it's also one of the least-expensive, most-effective methods of gaining new clients. That is, if you do it right. Our gift to help you ease the pain of pounding the pavement is this - a checklist of great places to hang your flyers, along with tips on how to make the most of your flyer campaign. 


Pet Startup Bundle




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