Packages priced according to your budget, from a few hours of hourly work per week to $650/month for total social media management and marketing with daily posts and ads. 

Our clients' privacy is a key component to our representation of their brand, so if you'd like to see a few of our clients' business profiles to see exactly what social media management from *SPARK* looks like, email

Beautifully Branded graphics

Custom graphics, branded with your logo, colors, fonts and voice

Did you know...?

People remember 65% of information up to 3 days later when it's accompanied by images.

Casual copywriting


Copywriting that's engaging, concise, humorous, yet always professional

Did you know...?


Posts with 80 characters or less get 66% higher engagement.

Event promotion

Spread the word about your event to your  audience, targeting geographic location, interests, and more. 

Did you know...?

The majority of people find out about events via Facebook Events, and events see almost double the attendance when utilizing FB Events.

Customer Service

Meeting your customers where they are - and delivering quick, professional response to inquiries & comments

Did you know...?

80% of customers say they expect customer service from social media.

Ellen Lewis, owner

"Liz is amazing. She promotes my company more often than I have time for. She is making me look Great!

Marga Grey, MSc OT

"This is perfect! This is what I have been waiting for for 5 years. I hope you enjoy this because I would love you to do it for a VERY long time!"

Keith Johnson, president 

"Thank you for all your help getting the word out about the Sugar Creek Model Train show. We had approximately 2250 in attendance! Your social media marketing was a huge part of the success of this year's show"

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Beautifully Branded Graphics

We'll make sure your message stands out with scroll-stopping graphics & animations, customized to fit your brand visuals.  Check out our example from CoordiKids, a colorful brand that deserved to shine on every platform. 

Casual Copywriting

Choose your words wisely! Leverage the latest statistics on sales copywriting to ensure your messages are speaking to your audience.   Check out our examples from Quilts by E.M. Lewis.
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