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Think your business might benefit from a blog?  Let our freelance writers and web designers create a gorgeous blog with quality content!  We can work as closely or as independently as you'd like: taking your ideas and photos and turning them into eloquent, entertaining, and educational blog posts.

Each of our basic posts includes:


* 500-750 words to catch your potential clients’ attention without losing their interest

* 1 professional stock photo

* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to attract more clients to your site,


We’ll research your brand to ensure the blog sounds like you’ve written it yourself, and we can even create Insta-worthy graphics for your social media marketing campaigns*


Pay Per Post:  $65 each - you’ll receive a text file to upload yourself


Pay Per Month: $200 per 4 posts  ($50/ea) – text files only

Pay Per Post Management: $85 each - We post it to your site, use advanced SEO for the site itself, share the link from all your social media, and create a custom social media share graphic

Pay Per Month Management: $280 for 4 posts spread over 4 weeks with everything above  ($70/post)


- Customized social media shareable graphics: $10 each

- SEO keyword research for 6-10 optimum search phrases related to your topic: +$40

- Longer articles: + $0.10/word

Check out our Portfolio page for samples. Note that most of our pieces are ghostwritten, so we cannot share our full portfolio publicly. Contact us if you'd like to privately view samples of our ghostwritten work relevant to your industry.


As featured in...


Save Money, Travel More:

14 Tips from a World Traveler

PLUS: Download our free travel planning guide here!


You are spot on with your blogs – my best measurement is Marga (business owner), and she does love every word you put on paper and so do the many people reading it – I see that on Google analytics.

Tips from a pro on how to spot treasures worth keeping around your house!



*Ghostwritten sample, client & business name removed

6 Collectibles & Heirlooms

You May Already Own

I received a well-researched, thoughtful blog post that is perfectly tailored to my client base! Thank you

Dog Training Articles




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