So, I'm a big dork. I'm sure you all know that by now. It's my parents' fault, honestly. My dad was a techie before they were called techies. He was creating his own websites before drag-and-drop builders even existed. He had a GPS when they first became available to t...

Should I put a training intake form on my website?


There is some information that you’ll want to know before getting face-to-face with a client and their dog.  Not all trainers are equipped to deal with every behavior or situation. Perhaps you haven’t had experience...

The thing about time management is that it can be practiced.

I often hear women shake off time management suggestions as something they’re just not good at it.

“Oh, I suck at managing my time because I’m constantly getting distracted. I so wish I could have better focus...

Cross promotions are a GREAT way to foster an ongoing partnership with another company to send business your way year-round. But, it's important to think strategically before running out to every business you meet to offer a partnership. So let's start with the...

*Over the past two weeks, we've collected all your questions about bookkeeping and tossed them to *SPARK* Team member - pro bookkeeper Victoria. Here are her answers!

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Q. How do you categorize the...

8 Reasons to Delegate to a Professional Bookkeeper

1.      They’re super detail-oriented.  They will pore over your receipts to categorize your expenses properly, make sure no bill goes unpaid or unrecorded, and make sure every slip of important paper is stored for tax...

Can we talk about the elephant in the room?

That big, ugly, intimidating thing about being a business owner that we all want to pretend doesn’t exist? It hangs over our heads like a high school senior thesis that you know you have to do in order to graduate, but you pro...

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