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7 Clever Social Media Accounts Worth Following

Running a social media platform for a business can really suck the fun out of social media. Between content strategies and social marketing campaigns, deciphering Facebook Ads Creator and hashtag research... and then there's the $$$$$. Just $3/month to autopost a thousand pins to Pinterest. And another $19/month to automate your Facebook messenger chatbot. How about $79/month to make endless daily connections and start conversations on LinkedIn?

With all of the automation available, there's nothing social about social media for business.

Let's put the "me" back in social media! Ok, that was lame, sorry.

Anyway, here are a few scroll-stopping accounts that are worth a follow if you need faith restored in social media:

Sarah Blakely, SPANX Founder & CEO

Sarah loves sharing her coming-up story, as well as tips, motivation, and actual inspirational quotes that give you all the power.

Freelancing Females


These gals get us. They reeeeeally get us. Daily humor and inspiration about what it's like to be a freelancing female.

Celeste Barber


If you haven't discovered her yet, it's time. Years ago this Aussie comedienne started parodying celebrity instagram photos, and hilarity has ensued ever since.

Tracee Ellis Ross


Ms. Ross is the only celebrity I've consistently stayed a loyal follower to over the years. She is hilarious. She gives you behind-the-scenes in Hollywood, celebrity life, mom life, entrepreneur life (she started a hair care line for big ole' natural and kinky hair) mixed with plenty of total goober moments that'll make you feel like you could be besties.

Theron Humphrey & his dog Maddie


For a palate cleanser, This Wild Idea is full of the absolute coolest and cutest pet photography + wanderlust satisfaction combined.

Innocent Drinks


This juice/smoothie company uses humor in all the right ways and then sneaks in their product occasionally.

The Mars Rover


NASA brought the humor with their rover's social media pages! This might be old news for you, but I still love looking back at their quirky robot's posts.

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