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Thank you for my beautiful website! Til now, all my business has come from word-of-mouth, but I've already gotten my first sale from someone who found me online!                                                               -Ellen, Quilts by e.m. lewis

Canine Concierge

Canine Concierge wanted to bring luxury to the pet industry, so their logo and website needed to be crisp, contemporary and easy-to-navigate.

Pink Peony Jewelry

Pink Peony Jewelry wanted an online store with an elegant, vintage, feminine design to complement their jewelry.  Site design  by Liz London. 

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Catalyst Fitness

Catalyst Fitness needed a bold website to match their bold, energetic style of fitness studio. Site design and content by Liz London. 

Tea Time: A British Touch

Tea Time: A British Touch wanted a website to tell the world about their afternoon tea services, what they included, and a menu displaying the types of treats they offer.

Quilts by E. M. Lewis

E. M. Lewis needed a site that made sure her colorful quilts popped off the page.  She wanted a black background and hot pink accents with a fun, contemporary look. We wanted her brand to feel as personal as the work she does, but she was hesitant to use photos of herself.  She was very happy with the clever workaround we came up with.

Wicker Rabbit

Wicker Rabbit Home Décor sought a clever update of their logo, online store and branded graphics to carry across their social media marketing.

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