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8 Reasons to Delegate to a Professional Bookkeeper

8 Reasons to Delegate to a Professional Bookkeeper

1. They’re super detail-oriented. They will pore over your receipts to categorize your expenses properly, make sure no bill goes unpaid or unrecorded, and make sure every slip of important paper is stored for tax time.

2. They understand the 5 basic types of accounts for tax purposes: assets, liabilities, equity, income, and expenses.

3. They’re faster than you at data-entry. They will punch in all your sales receipts in half the time it takes you.

4. They can help you get the info you need for taxes from all your various platforms. Let’s say you

use Square on tablets to sell products in person, Shopify for your online store, and Paypal for the occasional special invoice. Your bookkeeper can synchronize all of those income receipts into one place to see exactly how much income your business brings in each month.

5. They can make money-saving suggestions you don’t even know about. Let’s say you just bought a cool new piece of equipment that will take your work to the next level. Awesome! But do you know about setting it up as an asset and liability account? Do you know how to allocate the payment to interest expense and liability principal reduction? (I don’t, but my bookkeeper seems to!)

6. They can simplify the stats on your goals to show you how successful your business is and how projections look for your future growth.

7. They can help you develop a budget and stick to it.

8. They become invested in your business and help you constantly look for ways to cut costs and improve financial efficiency!

Victoria is a certified professional bookkeeper who works with clients all across Canada. Empowering women through financial organization is what Victoria does best. By leveraging cloud based accounting applications, Victoria helps female entrepreneurs become financially fabulous and even more important, in control and on top of their business finances. If you can snap a picture of a receipt, just like taking a selfie, you can work with Victoria!

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