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Pet Partnership Pitch Packet  -  $7.75

What's inside:

We’ve collected info from dog trainers, pet groomers, canine massage therapists, dog-walkers and pet-sitters and combined it with advice from business experts to create this guide to creative marketing & cross promotions by networking with other professionals in the pet industry.


Introduction to Marketing  & A List of Marketing Options

Cross Promotions As A Lead Generator

7 Business Hacks for an Effective Cross Promotion 

Examples of Real Cross Promotions that Work 

What’s Your Endgame? Craft a Perfect Promotion

Proven Strategies for Breaking the Ice

Step-by-Step Relationship Building Tactics

Scripts  That Don’t Feel Pushy


34 Pages - Read It Online or Download it, Print it, and Reference it Whenever

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Reviews of the Pet Partnership Pitch Packet

"This is fantastic - thank you for spelling it all out for me!"

-Heather, Ridgeway Training Academy 


"What great ideas and so much information in this ."