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Responsive Website

Web Design
& Maintenance

Ellen, Quilts by E.M. Lewis

"SPARK built a website for my quilting business - it's fun and unique and makes me look great! I've already started getting sales from it!"


There are 3 things people hate about bad websites:

1. When a company doesn't have one.

2. When they can't find the hours & contact info.

3. Pop-ups.

Business Consultant
"I absolutely love our new site design!"
Seth, Poke Craft Co.

Your website is often your first chance to make an impression.

Make sure does its job:

Clear sales copy
Search Engine Optimized

What is copy?

The writing—the copy— tells a story: your story. Along with your graphics, photos, logo and sales gimmicks, copy fleshes out the full picture of your brand.


 Your website copy is what will grab a user’s attention, introduce your products and services, tell potential customers exactly what makes your brand perfect, and finally, sell the product or service.

"You have done an absolutely brilliant job!  Love what you've done with the copy."
Angelique, The Candle Deli

Transparent Pricing

Projects range from  $500-1500
Pricing varies depending on:
  1.  How many pages your site requires
  2.  How much copy/text is on each page
  3.  Whether you provide brand photography or request stock image use
  4.  Whether you're selling products online
Contact us with your project ideas to get a personalized quote & proposal of ideas - no commitment until a contract is signed!
Ongoing Maintenance:  $100/mo 
  • Minor monthly updates
  • Domain hosting
  • Server hosting
  • Email hosting
  • Security certificate



to Discuss Your Ideas

We'll stalk your brand, have a chat, and outline a few content ideas for you to consider. 

No commitment until a contract is signed.

No salesmen texting you for weeks. Promise.

Liz London
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