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" I don't know why I waited so long. I guess I was afraid to give up control! This process has been so much easier than I expected."

"I keep meaning to post more, but I just can't ever get around to it. "

Social media marketing creates a community around your brand - the fulcrum upon which word-of-mouth and viral campaigns can be built.

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More than Posting

The right posts at the right time become buzzworthy social currency, shared from friend to friend and beyond.

Friends Enjoying Beer
"Oh, My Word! Liz, you are perfect!  This is what I have been waiting for, for about 5 years!  Perfect!  I hope you enjoy this because I would love you to do it for a VERY long time! "
Marga Grey, CoordiKids

More than "Likes"

Social media gives your company a chance to build credibility, show personality, and inspire loyalty. 

"Liz promotes my business more than I have time for. She is making me look great!"
Ellen, Quilts by E. M Lewis

More than 

a megaphone

Creative use of social media can ensure you meet your target market where they are, be the answer to their questions, and surprise them with spontaneous sales & exclusive offers.

Working Mom
"I love what you've done. I can't wait to work together!"
Angelique, Afrodite Beauty


Clever Copy 

social media management columbus

With our team of professional copywriters, your business will benefit from an ability to flex between casual conversational banter to non-pushy sales copy from post to post, as dictated by the goal of your campaign. 

Did you know that posts with 80 characters or less get 66% more engagement?

Scroll-Stopping Graphics 

Give your followers something to ogle. A moment of pause in their crowded feed. We'll make sure your work is showcased professionally with custom graphics, branded with your logo, colors, fonts and voice.

People remember 65% of information up to 3 days later when it's accompanied by images.


social media management columbus ohio2.j

Data-Driven Marketing

Let us leverage the data from your social media campaigns to attract your target audience, capture leads, improve traffic to your website, and improve conversion rates.

Copy of Leads Up.png
Copy of Leads Up (1).png


Get a Free Proposal Customized to Your Unique Industry & Brand
Simply Priced.png
The packages below give you a jumping off point from which to base expectations of pricing. 
Copy of Three-Column Table Concept Map (

A la Carte Flexibility

Whether you have $50/month for occasional sparks or you're ready to turn over total management to our team, we can work with almost any budget to spark your social.


Get Your

Free Proposal

We'll stalk your brand, have a chat, and draft a few design ideas for you to consider. 

No commitment.

No contract.

No salesmen texting you for weeks. Promise.

Liz London
"We had more than triple our usual attendance for the train show this year, and I know your social media marketing was a big part of its success."
Keith, Sugar Creek Train Club
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