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Professional attire doesn’t have to mean boring attire.

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I’ m Liz, owner of *SPARK* and a perpetual Ladyboss.  What led me to this collaboration was a need of my own.  My personal style is pretty eclectic - ethnic prints, tribal jewelry, a touch of vintage, a sprinkle of contemporary boho... but whenever I head to a meeting in which I need to look polished and professional, I pull a 180 and go for the standard black blazer and slacks. 

I’ve finally realized that professional attire doesn’t have to mean boring attire.

People working with me will quickly realize that I’m quirky inside and out, so why hide behind plain jane look just because I think that’s what is *expected* of a female professional?

So I turned to a few experts that I think are doing it right. 

These fashionista bloggers are creative and chic - and they’re helping us re-imagine a professional wardrobe that showcases our personality and the creative industries within which we work.

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