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"Just having a soundboard and a real, personable female to talk out challenges with has been invaluable.  Liz has provided me with encouragement, suggestions, leads and connections.
So glad I stumbled on *Spark* - would recommend to any friend."

Liz London is a certified business coach based in Delaware, Ohio (with in-person business coaching for the Columbus, OH area and virtual business coaching nationwide).


As a business coach, Liz works one on one as a personal mentor and partner to help small business owners with whatever obstacles he or she faces in starting or growing a business:

  • Setting up a new business

  • Learning the business end of their craft

  • Time management

  • Creating routines

  • Knowing which step to take next

  • Evaluating the best ways to invest their limited time and money

  • Brainstorming creative new ways to market their goods/services

  • Developing a clear big picture for scaling their business beyond a one-man or one-woman show

Personal Guidance

Each business is as unique as you, its owner. Personal coaching allows me to dig in deep to understand your unique business, your individual style of work, and your personal obstacles.

From an invested vantage point, I can give you a personal strategy with a big picture roadmap to guide your daily routines, monthly goals, quarterly projections, and annual reviews.

" We went from $790 in sales to over $3.5k in sales! We would have never gotten there without Liz’s help. "
Kristin & Seth Hofmann, Poke Craft Co.

A sample from a real text conversation with Crystal,

who was starting to panic about doing her first

trade show.

A Friendly 

Sounding Board

Don't have the budget for staff or an assistant? Quite often, the most important role I play as a business coach is that of an experienced team member, there for weekly chats, motivation, encouragement for those nerve-wracking moments, and bouncing around ideas for the next big idea.

"There were so many business aspects that we felt intimidated by. That’s where Liz really helped us break it down. She has the amazing ability to turn complex things and make them simple for us."
Poke Craft Co.


& the Occasional Verbal



Working for yourself means there's no boss looming nearby to make sure you're finishing your work and hitting your goals. That's where I come in. As your coach, I'll be checking in on you every week and pushing you forward with homework, reviews, and the occasional verbal butt-kicking.

"In 4 short months I was able to increase my income by 435% with Liz's guidance and support! I definitely got a great return on my investment in  mentorship"
Jaime Kiser, Premier Wordsmith


Meeting You Where You Are 


Whether you prefer focused weekly Zoom calls or less intrusive text chats, I'm happy to work with your preferred communication style to meet you where you need it most.  

Personal coaching is not limited to scheduled calls or monthly reviews. If you have a question, email it. If you're panicking about a decision, call me. Feeling overwhelmed? Text me, and we'll get it worked out within 24 hours.

Ambitious Goal-setting 

How much money do you need to bring in each month to pay your bills? How much time do you have to dedicate to work each week? Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Is it realistic? 

Let's take the time to break down your goals into milestones and action steps. We'll discover what you'll need to do and learn along the way to that growth. 


Untitled design (3).png

Education To Fill In The Gaps

You probably didn't get a degree in business before deciding to start yours. Neither did I.  

So, let me introduce you to my bite-sized business courses in the most commonly confusing topics. Bookkeeping 101, digital marketing, LinkedIn, SEO, and more. 


All courses are virtual.

All at your own pace.

All included with business coaching.  



Homework That Pushes You Forward

There will be homework. 


Untitled design (4).png


Analyzing The Data

Stop guessing at what's working and what's not. Let's look at the data. We'll regularly analyze your marketing campaigns, review the latest statistics in your industry, and even conduct custom market research to find out what your potential customers really want. 

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Simply Priced.png
Three ways to try business coaching:
*Work Together now, Pay Later: My main goal in coaching is to help you increase income. That's why I offer a payment plan option to spread the total $1800 cost of a 3-month coaching package over 6 months total. 

Peek inside our coaching chats:

Ready to

Make a Change?


No commitment.

No contract.

No salesmen texting you for weeks. Promise.

"Liz is not your run of the mill coach. Liz will make you work and challenge you to step outside of your own comfort zone to push your boundaries. If you team up with Liz as your business coach, you will be guaranteed results!"
Zenda, Z&z Freelance
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