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You don’t have any money to spend on fancy stuff– if you did, you wouldn’t even be here.


I totally get you. That’s why we have this whole section of freebies.

These are the workbooks, checklists, and articles that our clients have found most useful in sparking their work.


  I hope they *spark* yours!

Join the Ladyboss Nation

(it's free too)

*Ask questions to other gals who are either in your shoes or have been in your shoes already

*Offer requests or suggestions for our library

*Let us know if you’re using any of our resources (it's nice to be appreciated!)


(Learn more about the Ladyboss Nation here, or click the Facebook icon above to head straight to it.)

*The Ladyboss Nation*

Library of Freebies & Fun Stuff

We Hope it *Sparks* Your Work!

Get your FREE site audit

Here's something you can do RIGHT NOW for your biz . It's free, only takes about 30 seconds, and you don't even have to take our advice when it's complete.

With a site audit, one of our Spark mentors will check out  all aspects of your business  and put together a list of ideas, corrections, and creative suggestions custom to your line of work!

Great work! Peer edits are a great first step to leveling up your biz! Give me a day or two!

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